3 biggest obstacles
new coaches have

And How to Combat Them

Code of Conduct Templates - Dominate the Diamond

We’ve compiled the 3 biggest obstacles we see for new coaches and connected each one with specific resources for FREE that you can use immediately to get started and combat those new coach jitters.

Get ready to arm yourself with knowledge, boost your confidence, and prepare to Dominate the Diamond!

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The Perfect Practice Bundle


Free resource bundle for new baseball and softball coaches
➤ Pre-Made Baseball Practice Plan
➤ Blank Baseball Practice Plan Template
➤ Excerpt from Taking on The Title of Coach Book

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Arm Care Bundle for Pitching Coaches 


Youth Baseball Pitching Expert, Mike Nikorak shares 8 arm activation exercises that are designed to balance, strengthen and condition the rotator cuff and surrounding muscle groups for your pitchers.

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Code of Conduct Templates

Code of Conduct Templates - Dominate the Diamond

Create a positive team community by setting clear behavior expectations with a player and parent Code of Conduct form. These easily editable templates will help your improve fair play, promote sportsmanship, and encourage respectful interactions among players, parents, officials, and the game itself.

Team Welcome Letter

The Perfect Practice Bundle – Dominate the Diamond

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