For Youth Softball Coaches who want to increase their confidence and feel more prepared so they can make practices more fun and energizing.
Get the Softball Coaching Course



For Youth Softball Coaches want to increase their confidence and feel more prepared so they can make practices more fun and energizing.

Get the Softball Coaching Course








Our coaching will help you:

  • Be organized and prepared --- the keys to success!
  • Plan and run fun practices that keep your whole team engaged.
  • Feel confident as a coach!
  • Help your team master fundamentals and teach more advanced skills and game strategies.
  • Improve overall player and team performance
  • Teach skills, improve practice, improve outcomes -- hits, wins, strikes, and fielding.
  • Communicate with young players in language they will understand.

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What's Included in the Softball Course

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  • 113 videos
  • Position-specific training modules
  • Drill stations
  • Situational play, including pitching techniques, outfield play, line drives, hitting circuits, infield progressions.
  • 8 practice plans
  • Practice plan template
  • Field utilization chart 
  • Line-up card and field positioning chart

Your Softball Package Includes:


$97 USD

Best Seller!

  • 113+ HD Instructional Fastpitch Softball TRAINING VIDEOS FOCUSED ON EVERY ASPECT of the GAME 
  • 8 - Sample Practice Plans 
  • Sample “Word of the Day” & Descriptions 
  • Hitting Circuits, Throwing Progressions, Base Running, Sliding and Stealing, Catching Series, Outfield Play Situational Play, and Pitching Techniques   
  • A strategy and plan that shows you the best way to coach Fast Pitch Softball 

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  • The entire course library with over 900 videos
  • Drill Bundles
  • Access to all of our Courses! Rookies, Minors, Majors, Pitching, Catching, Turn 2, First Baseman, Slap Hitting, Fast Pitch Softball, Tee Ball, Wall Ball, Remote Training, 8- Week Training Course and our newest course on Mental Conditioning - Mastering the Game Within the Game
  • Exclusive downloadable content
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  • Coach's Resources and new content added all the time!


Meet Your Coaches



Here at Dominate the Diamond, we value all youth baseball and softball coaches Taking on the Title of Coach.  Coaches have the opportunity to shape the lives of so many kids each season and teach them not only the game, but the life lessons the game offers — Teamwork, Resilience, Hard work & Respect just to name a few.  Let us help guide you to be the best coach you can be! 

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Do you need this for your whole league?

Get access to the entire universe of coaching materials and watch your coaching skills skyrocket. Access 900+ videos, downloadables, practice plans, drill ideas, templates and we add more all the time!

Let's Get Your League Trained!

Head into this season with our Done With You Course:

We'll do all of the work, help you with the headaches and leave you to enjoy the FUN!

We'll plan every practice with age appropriate, effective and FUN drills. We'll help you plan your line up, how you'll use your players in the field. We'll even counsel you on player (and parent) concerns and give you ideas for the best end of season event.

Have your season strategized and organized for you! Take away the guess work and enjoy your season!

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We are 100% confident this course will improve your coaching. If, for some reason, you don't feel that your coaching has been transformed, just let us know at [email protected] and we'll be happy to refund your investment. 

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