Base Runner Called Out on Bizarre Play | You Make The Call

base running first base umpire youth baseball Jun 16, 2022
Base Runner

Sometimes in youth baseball, calls are very debatable. The players are still learning the game and miscommunication arises. Coach Duke and Coach Steve give us two different scenarios in which the calls could have gone either way.   

In scenario one, the player was running to first base. When he crossed the base, the first baseman took his foot off the bag to catch the ball. The runner did not know that his foot was off, assumed he was out, and turned to walk back into the dugout. Meanwhile, the offense then took the opportunity to tag the player out in case he was making a run for second base. At this point, the call was up to the umpire who called the player out after the tag play.  

 On the other hand, in scenario two, a player crossed through the bag and turned to walk back to first base. He turned over his left shoulder and the offense thought it was an attempt to move to second. They tagged the player as he was returning. The player was taking off his elbow guard and moving slowly, so the umpire said he was safe on account that he did not think he was making advancements toward second.   

These two examples show how calls can be different depending on perspective and ultimately the final call is up to the umpire.


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