How to Keep Baseball Practices Simple and Engaging

outdoor practices Apr 19, 2022
Perfect Baseball Practice

Outdoor practices can seem overwhelming, especially with a big group of youth players. We simplify how to efficiently run practice that will keep the kids engaged the whole time.

We discuss practice plans all the time in our courses. Our job as coaches is to prepare a practice plan to make the most efficient use of our time and space at practices. Get creative and keep practice moving! This will keep your players focused and engaged for short amount of times!

Break your players into small groups, create stations, and keep the kids moving! In this video we discuss running a circuit where a pitcher is on the mound, and we have base runners at each base to simulate a different situation. Rather than just putting 1 line of players working on steal breaks, have each group work on something different. You can have pitchers work on throwing to a batter, the group from 1st base work on straight steals, the group from 2B work on dirt ball reads, and the group from 3B work on tagging up.

Let us help you DOMINATE your baseball coaching experience with the best youth baseball training videos, performance drills and detailed instructional explanations. If you are new to coaching baseball or a seasoned baseball coach, this is the place for you.

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