How to Teach the Double Play Flip

double play Feb 25, 2021
Power Flip from Second Base

In this drill, we're going to work on our power flips from second base. This is when we're a little bit too far to do the palm-up flip. We're going to have our players get in a line, have a coach roll the ground ball right to them. Again, teaching fingers on top of the baseball, pushing off that left foot. Go ahead.

We're going to field it out in front, keeping good posture, staying low, really pushing off that left foot. Get the glove out of the way. Good. We want to use our legs to create some momentum into our flip. It's an easy way to get a lot of reps, nice and close. Have your coaches roll a whole bucket of baseballs to get a lot of reps here. Good, two more. That's the power flip from second base.


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