Coaches ask yourself...❓ 


Do you struggle with planning your baseball season?

Do you want more drills to help your players?

Are your team parents getting in your way?

Does the thought of creating a practice plan scare you?

Want expert advice on setting up your line-up?

Need a tournament strategy?

Yes, I'd like Coach Duke and Coach Steve to help me this season!

Head into this Season with Coach Duke and Coach Steve at your side

We'll be with you the whole season.  


Here's What You'll Get


Practice Plans designed specifically for your team (7U-17U) for the entire season.

Creation of new drills for your team to address specific areas of need

✅Assistance with batting order, field utilization

✅Weekly calls with Coach Duke or Steve – 30 minutes

✅ Word of the week with explanation and exercises to convey understanding

✅Develop team culture – age appropriate

✅Assistance with coaching concerns – inappropriate behavior, difficult parents, limited coaching resources, umpire challenges

✅Tournament strategy

✅Ideas for end of season wrap-up

✅Creation of all handouts with team logo including Parent and Player Code of Conduct forms, Team Rules, Practice Plans, Field Utilization Chart, Batting Line-up

– How does it work? – 


Once you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email from us.  We'll get some information about you and your team and we'll get to work.  We'll schedule our first meeting and our weekly calls at a time that fits with your schedule and within 1 week, you'll receive your customized materials. We'll discuss your team, your concerns, your challenges and your questions -- every week. 

Having a problem with specific skills, we'll provide the drills. 

Not sure where to put a specific player in the field, we'll give you our experienced perspective.

Have a problem with a parent, we have a strategy.

Your Season - Organized, Strategized and Ready to Go!

Why you need Coach Duke and Coach Steve at your side this season?

Let's face it, it's been a rough time. Everyone has so much on their plate not to mention the stress and worry of the last year. That's why there's no better time to let the experts take over.  We'll do all of the work, help you with  the headaches and leave you to enjoy the FUN!

Have your season strategized and organized for you! Take away the guess work and enjoy your season!

Get ready to be a prepared, organized, FUN Coach!

Dominate Your Coaching

Dominate your Coaching this Season



  • Weekly strategy sessions
  • Expert guidance and customized coaching resources
  • Your season organized and ready to go







Let Us Coach You to Your Best Season

Professional Expertise

We'll be with you every step of the way through your season. We'll start with getting to know you and your players and provide a road map for your team tailored to your team's age and skill set. 

Customized Plans

We'll plan every practice with age appropriate, effective and FUN drills. We'll help you plan your line up, how you'll use your players in the field.  We'll even give you ideas for the best end of season event.


We'll help you navigate the toughest challenges -- some of which will be OFF the field. Difficult parents, discipline issues? We've seen it all and we can guide you through the tough conversations.


Meet Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak


Your Course Instructors

We’re glad to have you as part of our Dominate the Diamond community. Coach Steve Nikorak and I created this community and our courses with every youth coach (and parent) in mind.  We live and breathe baseball.  We’ve played in elementary, high school, college and pros and we’ve been coaching for years. Our goal is to help fellow coaches teach the game that we love and keep the kids playing.

We want to equip parents and coaches with all the tools necessary to become great coaches and get the absolute most out of their players. Building team chemistry, formulating drills and practice plans, keeping the game fun and communicating effectively with players are just a few of the qualities a coach must possess.  

Each day, we’re fortunate to coach and train kids of all ages and skill sets.  We dedicate our lives to being good role models, mentors and leaders–on and off the field.  We fully understand that as coaches, we have an obligation to lead by example because our impact can be life-changing.  We’re constantly trying to better ourselves and recognize that coaching is a never-ending self-development process.  Just like the players, we must strive to be better each day. We must educate ourselves and work hard to improve.  That is why we have created this community.  So, again Welcome!  We are truly glad you’re here.

Dominate Your Coaching this Season

Dominate your Coaching this Season


  • Weekly strategy sessions
  • Expert guidance and customized coaching resources
  • Your season organized and ready to go






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