Top 5 Wall Ball Drills

do it yourself quickhands wall ball drills Mar 14, 2023
Wall Ball Drills

Improving your skills and techniques in any sport requires consistent practice and drills. However, what do you do when you find yourself without a partner or any equipment except a ball and a wall? Fear not, as there are several effective drills that you can do with just these two things. Here are five wall ball drills that can help you improve your hand-eye coordination, footwork, and picking skills:

    1. Quick hands drill: This drill is great for improving your handball exchange and hand speed. All you need to do is stand about three feet away from the wall and throw the ball from your throwing hand to your catching hand. While the ball is in the air, exchange it into your throwing hand. Repeat this process continuously for about 5-10 seconds, then switch to your other hand. You can even have a competition with a partner and time yourselves for added fun.
    2. Infield drill: This drill helps to improve your footwork, timing, and ball attacking skills. Set up three cones in a row and stand facing the wall. Throw the ball off the wall and work around the cones, focusing on your left foot timing and creating momentum towards first base. Once you've mastered this, angle the cones towards your backhand side and practice backhand pickups.
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  1. Drop steps drill: This drill is perfect for improving your reaction time and drop step technique. Stand close to the wall with your glove and ball in hand, facing away from the wall. Throw the ball off the wall, drop step, and catch the ball. Practice going left, right, forehand, and backhand to challenge yourself.
  2. Wall block drill (first baseman): This drill helps to improve your picking skills as a first baseman. Start by getting down on one knee and practicing backhand and forehand picks. Make sure to stay low and pick back through the same direction that the ball is traveling. Once you've mastered this, back up and practice picking while standing with both heels on the bag.
  3. Tennis ball throw drill: This drill helps to improve your accuracy and arm strength. Stand about 30 feet away from the wall with a tennis ball in hand. Throw the ball against the wall and try to catch it with one hand, then repeat with your other hand. You can even try bouncing the ball off the wall and catching it.

In conclusion, don't let the absence of a partner or equipment stop you from practicing and improving your skills. These five wall ball drills can help you enhance your hand-eye coordination, footwork, and picking skills. Remember to always practice with intention, consistency, and dedication. Dominate the Diamond today!

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