Top 5 Indoor Outfield Drills

indoor outfield drills Apr 07, 2023
Outfield Baseball Drills

As baseball players, we know that outfield skills are essential for a strong defense. But what do you do when you're stuck inside due to weather or other limitations? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these five favorite indoor outfield drills that are not only effective but also a lot of fun!

  1. Dodgeball Drop Catch: For this drill, all you need is a dodgeball, a glove, and a partner or coach to toss the baseball. Start by tucking the dodgeball into your glove side hand and run like an NFL running back. Keep your arms tight, and as your coach says "go," open up to your left or backhand side, and let the dodgeball fall out of your glove at the end. This drill helps you focus on keeping your glove down and your eyes on the ball, improving your athleticism and catching skills.
  2. Cone Fly Balls: Set up cones in a small space and have your coach or partner toss balls that fly left, right, curve, or turn. This simulates fly balls and helps you work on moving your feet and catching balls that are not always straight forward. It's a fun and challenging drill that improves your tracking and catching abilities.
  3. Bucket Drop Drill: This drill helps you with your perception of where a ball is going to bounce. Have your coach or partner throw the ball, and as it's in the air, run and place a bucket where you think the ball will drop. This drill is particularly useful for outfielders who need to cover a large distance to catch a ball. It teaches you to read the ball and move your feet quickly to get in position for the catch.
  4. Plyo Box Cross Over: Use a plyo box and two cones to work on your first step movement and drop step. Hop off the box, and as soon as you land, your coach or partner tosses the ball to your left or right. Practice crossing over and catching the ball while focusing on your footwork and speed. This drill helps improve your agility and reaction time, which are crucial skills for outfielders.
  5. Timing and Coordination Drill: In this drill, your coach or partner times the toss of the ball to match your footwork. Focus on your prep step and make sure your feet hit the ground as the ball is being thrown. This drill helps you synchronize your movements and improves your timing and coordination, which are vital for successful outfield play.

Using props like dodgeballs, cones, and buckets adds an element of fun and variety to your indoor outfield drills. These drills not only help you improve your catching skills but also your footwork, agility, perception, and coordination. So, even when you're stuck indoors, you can continue to hone your outfield skills and be ready for the next game! Try incorporating these drills into your practice routine, and you'll see the difference in your outfield performance.

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