Pre-Plan Your Youth Baseball Practice for Maximum Benefits

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Youth Baseball Practice

Imagine Coach Jamie standing on a busy baseball field, surrounded by kids running around, chasing stray balls and chatting loudly.  He hasn’t really put a lot of thought into today's practice.  With a sigh he tries to get everyone’s attention, but his directions are unclear and chaos quickly sets in.  As practice progresses kids become even more unfocused.  Nothing is getting done and Coach Jamie is frustrated.

This scenario highlights a common scenario we see with youth coaches when they don’t take the time to plan their practices. 

Without a clear strategy:

  • practices can become disorganized and hectic. 
  • it’s challenging to keep players’ attention and enthusiasm
  • sessions become unproductive and improving skills gets lost in the shuffle
  • trying to perform drills without the right equipment or enough space leads to delays and frustrations
  • practices lack direction and leave players unsure of the what they’re supposed to be doing
  • the lack of flow in practice sparks doubt about the coach’s ability and authority to lead a team

So rather than leaving the field feeling inspired and confident, coaches and players walk away disheartened and unmotivated.

The Power Of A Well-Planned Practice

When practices are carefully mapped out it creates a rhythm that makes sessions more enjoyable and effective.  Young players excel in a structured environment where they know exactly what to expect. This keeps their spirits high and their focus sharp.  

Having organized drills and smooth transitions between activities allows coaches to use their time in a more productive and purposeful way.  Coaches gain the clarity to deliver clear instructions and personalized feedback, which helps players understand their roles better.

The P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. Method

The aim is to maximize practice time so that everything runs more smoothly and everyone has more fun.  To do this we like to use the P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. method:

  • P - Players:  determining how many players are available and what skills they need to work on lets us tailor drills to their abilities
  • R - Resources:  checking equipment and making sure we have what we need for each drill minimizes interruptions
  • A - Area:  deciding where the drills will happen allows us to make the most of our space whether it be on a full field or a smaller practice area
  • C - Coaches:  coordination and smooth transitions between drills happens when we define each coach’s role ahead of the practice
  • T - Time:  deciding the length of each practice helps us use our time efficiently and keeps players focused
  • I - Improvement:  by selecting skills we feel need improvement we can design drills to specifically target those areas
  • C - Collaboration:  planning sessions to encourage teamwork and communication between players creates a supportive environment for learning
  • E - Effort:  using motivational cues and examples encourages players to always give their best efforts during practice

Setting goals and creating a positive environment is fundamental to successful practices.  Arrive early with high energy and a game plan will make it possible for every session to be the highlight of the kids’ day.

For a deeper understanding of the P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. method check out the video: Stop Winging Your Practice Planning.


The Benefits of Strategic Practice Planning

Preparing your practices isn’t just about staying organized - it’s about accessing the full potential of your team.  Investing time in creating a detailed session plan makes way for a more productive, fun and streamlined experience for both you and your players.

Here’s how structured planning can improve your coaching and bring out the best in your team:

  • Structured Learning: Clear plans mean everyone knows what’s what, making it easier for players to focus on sharpening their skills.
  • Time Well Spent: By planning efficiently, every minute counts and each player gets the attention they need to improve.
  • Stronger Team Connections: When roles and goals are clear, teamwork flows naturally, boosting overall performance and fun on the field

Igniting Team Success and Growth

Proactive practice planning isn’t just beneficial - it’s pivotal for coaches to generate sessions that are both efficient and impactful.  Careful preparation changes dull practices into dynamic experiences where every player thrives and grows.

By providing a structured environment, coaches are not only able to boost skill development but also to increase team spirit.  Successful coaching starts with meticulous planning so make it your top priority.


Make practicing planning easy with our set of pre-made practice plans including drill videos to show you exactly how to run the drills included in the practice plans. Get them here.

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