How to Prepare Your Hitters for Swinging

batting practice outdoor drills smushballs Nov 06, 2020
baseball drills when there are no cages

Med Ball and Smushball Warm up

We get asked a lot of questions from coaches on what to do before games with their players if there are no batting cages.

A lot of times we'll get to fields and there are no batting cages.  Often times you see one cage, you have one player hitting and you have 11 or 12 players standing there watching. 

So what can you do to keep your players moving before games? We like to create as many stations as possible. We use Smushballs all the time.

Station 1- An example of using a Smushball, you could just stand out in the outfield and work on side toss, and have your players hit. That's one station.

Station 2- The coach actually throwing batting practice in the cage.

Station 3- Have a med ball. It doesn't matter the weight, this is a 4-pounder, and you can actually work on your players driving and getting their bodies used to swinging in the game.

So we're here, we're going to step behind, load up around that back hip and freeze that extension. Let me do it one more time. Step behind. And we're going to freeze right here at extension. Get their hips firing a little bit, get the blood flowing. But I think the key is creating stations before the game, to get as many swings or as many game-like reps as possible, instead of having one kid hit while the rest of the kids watch



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