Mastering Tagging Techniques: Top 5 Drills for Baseball Players

tagging drills May 20, 2023

As a baseball coach, it is our responsibility to ensure that our players develop strong defensive skills, including effective tagging techniques. Tagging plays a crucial role in the game and can greatly impact the outcome. In this article, I will share my top five teaching methods and drills for improving tagging abilities. Let's get started on our journey to becoming exceptional taggers!

  1. Positioning on the Base:
    1. To begin, let's focus on positioning on the base. There are two approaches we can teach our players. The first is straddling the base, which works well for younger players and those new to tagging. The second, more advanced technique, involves starting in front of the base. Emphasize the importance of allowing the ball to travel before attempting the tag. By mastering these positioning techniques, our players will increase their chances of making successful plays.
  2. Hurdle Drill:
    1. The hurdle drill is an excellent exercise for improving reaction time and sinking into a low position while tagging. Set up hurdles and instruct players to let the ball pass the hurdle before making the tag. This drill trains their instincts to react quickly and efficiently. By staying low and sinking with the ball, players will develop the necessary skills to handle fast-moving plays effectively.
  3. Three-Bag Drill:
    1. Enhance players' spatial awareness and tagging skills with the three-bag drill. Set up three bases and cones, creating visual markers for different tagging scenarios. Players will practice tagging runners approaching from various angles. This drill trains them to make accurate and timely tags in game situations. It's a valuable tool for enhancing their tagging abilities and field awareness.
  4. Fielder's Dome Mats Drill
    1. Incorporate the Fielder's Dome mats drill to help players anticipate and handle bad hops while maintaining a low position. Roll ground balls in different directions, and encourage players to react quickly, sinking into a good defensive stance. This drill focuses on working from the ground up, positioning the glove low, and making quick and accurate tags. It prepares our players to handle unexpected hops during games.
  5. Fungo Bat Drill
    1. The fungo bat drill is an excellent way to simulate game-like tagging situations. Use a mini bat or a tennis racket and a bucket of baseballs. Hit the ball to second base, where the shortstop or second baseman covers the bag as if it were a steal situation. This drill challenges players to react under pressure, position themselves correctly, and make accurate tags. It helps develop their tagging skills in real-game scenarios.

As a baseball coach, our role extends beyond teaching the fundamentals of the game. Developing strong tagging skills is essential for our players' success on the field. By implementing the teaching methods and drills outlined above, we can help our players become exceptional taggers. Remember, practicing positioning, reacting to bad hops, and using visual aids are crucial elements of effective tagging. So, let's engage our team, watch these videos together, and incorporate these drills into our training sessions. Together, we will elevate our players' tagging abilities and ensure their success on the field.


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