How to Generate More Power in Baseball

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For hitters to hit with more power, they have to hit from a strong launch position!  During the pitchers wind-up, the batter should have rhythm & timing, creating a load to put them in the best position to hit the ball hard.  Some hitters load with a leg kick, some with a toe tap and others with a small stride.  There is no correct way for all hitters to load, but the key is that they have the knob of the bat at the catcher when the front heel hits the ground.  Be sure to check their base - They should be in a balanced, strong position with their feet; similar to fielding a ground ball.

From this position, they should fire their lower half (squish the bug / drive the back knee / turn the hips) in order to create torque and drive through the ball.  The key is that the hitters don’t spin.  We want to create drive back towards the middle of the field.  Make sure the back elbow gets connected and the knob of the bat is driving towards the pitcher.  At contact, the hands should be in a palm - up / palm - down position.  After contact, they goal is to keep the top hand in a palm up position as long as possible to give the hitter more room to adjust out in front of home plate for as long as possible.  

Remember, the two main things to focus on in game are being on time and staying in the hitting zone as long as possible.  During practice we can work on mechanics and adjustments, but during the game keep it simple!

Coach Duke and Coach Steve 👍 

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