How to teach players how to adjust their swing

baseball drills hitting drills Mar 02, 2021
teach how to adjust swing

All right guys. In this video here, we're going to talk about having adjustability in our swing. Okay? There's a lot of players out there that are training for that perfect swing, but not really training to be a good hitter. What I mean by that is, how often in the game are we going to get up and we're going to get that perfect fastball, take that perfect swing and be on time with it?
That's great when it happens, but what happens when we have a strike on us or two strikes? We want to be able to adjust to different pitches in the zone. Two of the most important things in hitting, being on time and staying on plane with the pitch for as long as we can. A lot of really good stuff out there about when we're early and when we're out in front of pitches, still being able to battle either foul them off or get that bloop single to extend an inning.
What I want to talk about today is, when batters get up to hit, if our body is moving off of the ball, if we're spinning off, you'll hear guys pulling off the ball or spinning out, we want to make sure that on any pitches that we're early, most pitches are down in the zone or chasing a change up down, or chasing a slider down or a curve ball down, so we want to make sure that we're grounded. We feel our feet on the ground. We keep that posture. We remain in our good posture throughout the entire swing. A lot of young hitters I'll see get to this position and their first move is this, and they're spinning off. Now, if I'm early on a change up or a curve ball, I'm reaching, and that's where we get those rollovers from. You'll hear coaches say, "You're rolling your wrist, you're out and around the ball."
We want to make sure that on a pitch that we're early, yes, in a perfect world, we're making contact right here. But if it's, "Oh shoot! Change up, curve ball, slider," we got to be able to adjust and work through that pitch. It's not always going to be the prettiest, but those are the two-strike hits, that's the pitch that you get fooled and you're able to battle through it and get that base hit up the middle and eliminate a lot of those rollovers. We see the best hitters in the world have adjustability in their swing, so if they're late, they're barreling it up to the opposite side. If we're on time, great, but if we're early, we got to stay in our posture, stay over the plate and really fight and work through that pitch.
A couple of drills you can do or freeze that extension, you, as a coach, you can work on tossing the ball really low and soft out in front of home plate and trying to keep your guys hitting that ball off the back net and staying through it instead of spinning off and hitting that ground ball to the pull side.


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