Top Five Drills for Your First Baseman!

first baseman top 5 Jun 09, 2023
Baseball Drills

In this blog post, we'll share our handpicked selection of the top five drills that will help first basemen enhance their skills and excel on the field. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these baseball drills are designed to take your performance to new heights. Get ready to step up your game!

Drill 1: Walking Picks - Perfect for Home or Practice! Improve your bare-handed picks with this versatile drill. Set up on the first baseline, toss the ball with your throwing hand, and strive to make clean backhand and forehand picks. Focus on picking the ball as soon as it hits the ground, maintaining good posture and a low stance. Make it competitive by challenging your teammates to see who can make the most consecutive picks without dropping the ball.

Drill 2: Wall Ball Pick - Improve Your Fielding Precision! Enhance your fielding precision with this drill using a wall and a hard ball. Toss the ball off the wall, and as it rebounds, practice making clean picks. Ensure your eyes are behind the ball and glove, and maintain a straight line from your body to the ground. Experiment with different ball types and switch between backhand and forehand picks for added variety.

Drill 3: Fun-Go Picks - Work on Footwork and Quick Picks! Develop your footwork and agility with this engaging drill. Use a bat to hit ground balls to your first baseman, challenging their picking skills from various angles. Incorporate long hops and short hops to simulate game scenarios. Encourage quick reactions and adaptability by changing the position of the hits, such as the third base or second base side.

Drill 4: Footwork on Holding Runners - Master the Throwing Lane! Learn the essential footwork required for holding runners on base and executing double play feeds. Practice positioning your feet correctly by starting with your right foot on the home plate side of first base. Take one step and one shuffle off the bag when the pitcher attempts a pick-off. This allows you to be prepared for the hit. Focus on creating a proper throwing lane to make accurate double play feeds.

Drill 5: Footwork on the Bag - Find the Bag with Your Heels! Speed and agility are crucial for a first baseman. Train your footwork and catching abilities by hustling to the bag as soon as the ball is hit. Position your heels on the corners of the base to determine your range. Pivot with the appropriate foot and stride out to make the catch, adapting based on the direction of the throw. Practice working off the edges of the base to enable quick adjustments to bad throws.

You now have a collection of five exceptional drills to improve your first baseman skills. Remember, practice makes perfect, so dedicate time to these drills regularly. Stay tuned to Dominate The Diamond for more valuable baseball tips and content.

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