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baseball practice review and eraser ball drill

Practice Week 2 – 11U B Travel and Eraser Ball

Hello everyone -

I wanted to share with you how week 2 of our 11U B Travel practice went.

We had a blast at practice! The players watched the videos we assigned and when we went over leading and stealing. They all did it so well.  I attribute that to the fact that they all had the app, knew where to find the drills (outlined on the practice plan I shared with them), and had a plan to work on. The homework was, each player was to work on the assigned drills for 5 minutes a day before school, after school, or sometime throughout the day. They came to practice excited and eager to show me that they knew how to lead. In return, instead of having to re teach the entire practice plan day 1, we were able to review, and move on to secondary leads and discussing how to read the ball in the dirt.

We started with the Dynamic Warm-up and Throwing Program

After we did our dynamic warm up, and throwing program which again, they performed much better than last year, we worked on the cone drill (to get their bodied moving properly on ground balls) and multi ball drills.

The Cone Drill and Multi-Ball Drills

We broke up into 4 groups of 3.

Group 1 was at 3rd base, working on tags on the throw from second base.

Group 2 was at shortstop, fielding ground balls from coach and throwing to 1st base for the force out.

Group 3 was at 2nd base catching fly balls and line drives from the coach and throwing to 3rd base.

Group 4 was at first base receiving throws from Shortstop 

We did each of the stations and rotated clockwise after 4 minutes.

The players were able to work on tags, ground balls, line drives, fly balls, and force outs all in the same drills. This was a fun station, and it got the players moving, working on sills, and high pace


We finished the defense with a competition of Smushballs knockout.

The kids didn’t want to stop playing.

 After the competition we grabbed our stuff and headed to the cages.

Batting Cages

We broke up into 4 stations at the cages because 4 of the players had to leave for basketball so we were down to 8

Station 1 was hitting into a line for points

Station 2 was front toss (focusing on driving the ball up the middle)

Station 3 was overhand batting practice (focusing on driving the ball up the middle)

Station 4 was bunting and tracking the ball


The players did well. We videotaped every player from the side during soft toss. We will break that down, use that as information for the next practice design and review it with the players. 

We finished the practice up with Eraser Ball

  1. Break the players up into 2 teams (try to make them even in talent)
  2. Use 2 cages, 2 coaches throwing front toss or batting practice
  3. Place a tee with a ball on it directly in front of the L-screen and that’s the eraser ball!
  4. The player in cage 1 hits and then the player in cage 2 hits. The player with the best hit gets a point for his team, and then the next 2 hitters go.
  5. You play until a team gets to 10 points
  6. If a player hits a line drive off the ball on the tee the other team automatically goes to ZERO points that’s the EASER BALL!
  7. Have fun and the kids will love competition, yelling, screaming…
  8. HINT: Pick a coach to judge the points and you don’t want to be that umpire! - LOL

Hope you have a great practice


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