How to Teach a Cut and Relay at baseball practice

baseball drills hjow to teach a relay relays and cuts Nov 12, 2021
How to teach a cut and relay

Let's walk through and discuss how to properly teach cuts and relays.

What happens when the ball is hit into the outfield with runners on base? Where do the fielders go and line up? Where do the outfielders go when the ball is hit to them? Every fielder has an obligation to go somewhere during a cut and relay situation. We are here to help you understand cuts and relays and how to coach it.

Cuts and relays are important for coaches and players to be able to coach and execute so WATCH THIS VIDEO.

First lets talk about a Cut and Relay!

Cuts: A regular base hit to the outfield with runners on base and the infielder goes out to line up to a specific base in preparation of throw back to the infield.

Relays: An extra base hit past the outfielders where we will have the ball thrown to a relay tandem of 2 infield position players (no more than 10 feet apart) who will make the throw back to the infield drills.

Things to remember for the infielders;

  1. Be in an athletic position with your chest facing the outfielder with your hands up
  2. As the ball is in the air position your body so you are catching the ball over your glove shoulder and ready to throw once you catch it
  3. Read the ball and recognize a short throw, long throw, or ball off target.

Here is a fun drill you can use with your ball players to help them properly perform a relay throw.

  1. Set up a target for them to throw into
  2. Line up your players to the side
  3. Hit or throw the ball to them and make sure they are catching the ball glove side
  4. Have them throw the ball into the target after they catch the ball.
  5. Make a competition out of it by placing a bullseye on the net or trying to knock a ball off a tee.

I hope this helps you teach the proper cut and relay in a fun and educational way!

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