How to Master the Backhand Ball Technique: A Comprehensive Guide for Coaches

Dec 19, 2023

Mastering the backhand ball technique in baseball or softball can significantly enhance a player's control over the ball and their overall performance in the game. This blog post will break down how to do just that, detailing each step of the process. We'll cover how to position yourself, track the ball visually, press through the short hop, prevent bad hop variations, drop step back, and attack through the short hop.

How to Position Yourself for a Successful Backhand Ball: The first step in mastering the backhand ball is positioning yourself correctly. This sets the stage for the direction and control of the ball's trajectory. As a coach, you must set the ball into motion for the player to practice this technique.

How to Track the Ball Visually: In this technique, Coach Duke tosses the ball into the air, allowing the player to track the ball visually and align their body and mind for the next move. This helps the player adapt to different ball speeds and heights, crucial for real game situations.

How to Press Through the Short Hop: The following step is pressing through the short hop, meaning the player must force the ball to bounce minimally. This control over the ball's bounce prevents unexpected turns or hops that could jeopardize the game.

How to Prevent Bad Hop Variations: The player must aim to eliminate any chance of the ball bouncing unpredictably. By doing so, the player reduces the chances of the ball taking a bad hop and maintains control over the game.

How to Perform the Drop Step Back Action: This move allows the player to adjust their body position in response to the ball's trajectory. It's a defensive move that gives the player additional time to react to the ball's movement.

How to Attack Through the Short Hop: This move is about seizing the opportunity to take control of the ball and dictate its movement. This action requires agility and precision, and it's crucial to time the movement perfectly to prevent a bad hop.

In conclusion, mastering the backhand ball technique can greatly improve a player's game. It's about positioning, visual tracking, pressing through the short hop, preventing bad hop variations, drop stepping back, and attacking through the short hop. Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there and start practicing today! Purchase the Fielders Dome Mat


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