Top 5 Ways to Hit for More Power

hit for power hitting drills power hitting top 5 Apr 17, 2023
Youth Hitting Drills

Everyone wants to hit for more power and we get asked this question a lot.  These are some excellent drills to help players hit for more power. Let's summarize our top five ways to help players increase their power at the plate:

  1. Explosive Med Ball Throws: Using a medicine ball, start in a Happy Gilmore stance in the back of the batter's box, hold the ball at five o'clock and seven o'clock, step behind with the back foot, load into the hip, and throw the ball with explosiveness towards a partner in the middle of the field.
  2. Weighted Ball Drills: Use different weighted balls such as heavy balls, softballs, and a deflated basketball to practice making solid contact and driving through the ball with power.
  3. Walk-Through Drill: Start in the back of the batter's box, take a step forward with the front foot towards home plate, and then take a full swing with explosiveness, following it up with two steps towards the pitcher's mound to promote proper weight transfer and staying through the ball.
  4. Skater Drill or Step Back Drill: Shift your weight by hopping into your back hip, coil up, and then unload on the ball to practice loading up on the back side and generating power.
  5. Bucket Drill: Sit on a bucket to promote staying in the legs and maintaining good posture, then stand up for the load and take a full swing, focusing on driving through the heels and keeping the butt behind.

Remember to emphasize proper technique and form in these baseball drills and encourage players to practice them regularly to develop their power at the plate. Keep up the good work, coaches! 

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